Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Welcome to My Jeopardy! Blog

I was lucky enough to appear on Jeopardy! four times in June of 2012 (Thursday/Friday 21-22 and Monday/Tuesday 24-25). Maybe since then, you've asked me "So, what was it like?" and maybe I've kind of looked at the ceiling and flailed my hands around and said, "Um, it was... cool?!", which probably was not a hugely informative response. Since I know I enjoyed reading about contestants' experiences before I went on the show, hopefully here I'll be able to collect my thoughts into a less scattered bundle ("What is a bundle??") that will be interesting for someone to read.

So, welcome. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I love talking about Jeopardy! and would be happy to answer (in the form of a question).


  1. Yay! Happy to see that you're putting down your thoughts! I will be reading.

  2. Yes, I have SO MANY, apparently! :/

  3. Congrats! This is totally random and probably a longshot, I stumbled on your blog because I'm trying desperately to find a way to watch tonight's episode 7/5/12 because a friend is on it. We have no cable and I'm going crazy. Do you happen to know where one might be able to see the episode online?

    1. Sure. This guy posts current episodes, usually within a day or two of them airing. You can email him to make sure, too; he's really nice.

  4. Margaret,

    On the weekends they have been re-running your episodes here in Ohio. I am greatly enjoying seeing them again; you were a very interesting and fun contestant, and not all champs are, naturally. I hope that you are in contention for the Tournament of Champions so that we can see you again.

    I have one question: How did being on Jeopardy! change your life? Thanks, David N. Lewis, Lebanon OH

  5. Also, you look a little like French silent film star Catherine Hessling: http://www.toutlecine.com/images/star/0013/00136007-catherine-hessling.html